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Social Networking It Isn’t a Recognition Contest

Social networking keeps growing and be popular but it’s not really a recognition contest to achieve the most “buddies”, connections, subscribers. It’s about building relationships the powerful way – supplying value. We’re buddies with individuals simply because they make our way of life better. Better being fun, help, share interests, etc.

Being popular is essential in senior high school. Sitting while dining at lunch using the awesome kids, being asked to parties, paling around or dating the little one that everybody really wants to end up like. That’s attempting to win the recognition contest. It’s not real different attending college when joining a sorority/fraternity or perhaps an organization of great interest. We’re from our safe place and wish to be recognized. This goes true for social networking however the rules will vary. You can’t only be there to determine and become seen and nod your mind like a hello and individuals love you.

6 Fundamental Fundamentals of Social Networking

1. Determine your personal Social Networking Persona. Where would you easily fit in? Are you currently engaging social networking for business or personal or both? What exactly are your expectations from the relationships you’ll build and how would you add value?

2. Be for sale. It doesn’t mean every second of each and every day. Determine when is the best for you and also stay with it. It’s not absolute, but before long people may forget so when you return you might not be recognized.

3. Remain Consistent. Again it’s not a recognition contest and commenting with one view after which likely to another blog or forum using the opposite view doesn’t get people to value your opinion and trust you. Zero value.

4. Admit Mistakes. In social networking it’s so simple to ignore and move ahead. You aren’t seeing the individual in person therefore you can easily believe that no-you will notice. Be truthful, “Hey I designed a mistake.” This can go a lengthy means by building relationships.

5. Have Patience. Personal relationships aren’t built per day. You will not increase to a person you simply met and get on them for supper.

6. Be Valuable. After you have developed your persona and see in which you fit it, engage people. Look for individuals with common interests and publish things that they’ll like. It’s about them, not you.

Part of adding value has been in your safe place. Are you currently at ease with tweeting than departing blog comments? Are you finding articles you want and share? Just how much would you share?

Social networking is simply not a recognition contest. The number of occasions would you see people posting on Twitter they got 10,000 supporters by doing X. There’s no engagement, absolutely no way you may be buddies with 10,000 people. Really, social networking isn’t a recognition party, it’s an chance to construct relationships and share.

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