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Reviewing Broken Link Finder: The Best Tool For SEO Experts!

Regardless of your online marketing goals, SEO needs to be a part of the mix. For SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to yield results as expected, the website must be optimized for all aspects. All broken links, images, and other content must be fixed, and often, SEO experts spend hours to find the possible glitches that need attention. Broken Link Finder, which is a new tool on the block, promises to make the job easier. This is a complete FREE tool, which can be used as many times as required. Below is a quick review of Broken Link Finder at a glance.

How to use the Broken Link Finder?

Broken Link Finder doesn’t involve any bulky downloads, which is probably one of the biggest advantages of this tool. To use Broken Link Finder, you need to visit the website – brokenlinkfinder.com – and enter the URL of your website or the page that must be checked. There is the option of ‘Advanced Settings’, which allows you to check all the subdomains, create sitemap, set maximum tries and depth, for the search as well.

Advantages at a glance

The site brokenlinkfinder.com is absolutely free to use. Broken Link Finder is starkly different from some of the other link checkers that are available in the market. Firstly, most of the link checkers usually report one parent URL, but what happens if the same link is existent on other pages, as well? Broken Link Finder allows SEO experts and website owners to find such links on all internal pages where the link is located. What makes this a tool a true winner is how it does the search. It is possible to check up to 2500 links for each crawl and the results can be exported to Excel for further analysis. You can also find the resource in the source code, so fixing broken links gets easier than ever. Not to forget, this is a completely free service, so use the Broken Link Finder for as many times as required.

Final word

Broken Link Finder is one of the most reliable and flexible link checkers that we have found so far, and it works perfectly well for all websites. There are no hidden charges and the fact that it also locates the resource is a huge advantage. For more information, please refer to the official website. It literally takes one click to search your website for links.

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