Everything You Should Know About Sit Standing Desks

Sit standing desks are becoming quite popular amongst companies that care about the physical and mental well-being of their employees. This is because, these unique desks have height adjusting options that help in maintaining a good posture. This is quite a good lifestyle changing move for people who have sitting jobs that prolong for long and continuous hours.

Benefits of Sit Standing Desks

Besides the fact that a sit stand desk corrects the posture, there are various other benefits you must know about.

  • These modern desks give the flexibility to adjust the height according to a person’s height. This helps in aligning the desktops/PC’s with the eyes level that minimizes any neck strain.
  • These desk stands are moveable. Thus, you can easily carry them around to change your position and location rather than just your posture.
  • Some of these long lasting desks can also be used to support flat screen TVs and gaming monitors.

4 Types of Sit Standing Desks that Are Too Good to be Overlooked

Owing to their popularity, the sit standing desks are of different types. And the list that follows includes 4 types that are worth every single penny that you invest.

  • Rocelco® ADR Adjustable Ergonomic Desk – This is a 32 inches wide desk that can accommodate 2 desktops and 3 laptops at the same time. Its design is such that it contains a keyboard tray that can moved in and out according to the need and comfort. With 4 height adjusting options and a gas design that can easily handle 50 lbs weight, this desk needs no assembling.
  • Crank Sit-Stand Desk Table Frame – This sit-stand desk has a lift ratio of 10 mm per turn and can support about 80 kgs of weight easily. It has 4 adjustable levels and a detachable crank. Also, it can be used to hold monitors of different shapes and sizes. Besides, it is made of strong steel and lasts longer than most ordinary desks.
  • Ultra-Slim Height Adjustable Sitting and Standing desk – This sit standing desk can hold 10 kgs of weight and has a height adjusting range between 30 ~ 400mm. It also features 12 height adjusting setting options and is fitted with silicone pads that are non slippery and can shield the floor against scratches. It is wide enough to hold a monitor of about 31.5 inches.
  • Sit-Stand Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk Stand – This is an electric sit-stand desk that is equipped with LED memory sensors that start to blip when you’ve forgotten to change your position in hours. With 4 adjusting feet levels and 2 motors, it can easily hold as much as 100 kgs weight.
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