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Choose Meaningful Keywords using Rank Tracker

I’ve been blogging for quite a while about SEO and I realized that I haven’t really blogged about how to track keyword rankings effectively. This post is all about directing your online marketing efforts towards meaningful, performing keywords and decreasing efforts for non-performing ones.

Why is Keyword Rankings Important?

You’re doing SEO to rank your target keywords higher in the Search Engine results page. keyword rank tracker SERPreme.io can solve this problem.But more than that, the thing you should be looking out for the most are your meaningful keywords.

Extract your keywords from Google Analytics

First thing’s first, what keywords are meaningful keywords?

Meaningful keywords are keywords that draw in convertible traffic to your website. Are there non-converting traffic from keywords? Absolutely! I have a lot of traffic that come from image search – those traffic aren’t convertible traffic. Those kinds of traffic just come in, look at the picture (perhaps save it or take a screenshot of it), then bounce out.

To extract meaningful keywords that you already have right now, go to your Google Analytics Account -> Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic

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