4 Key SEO Tips to Help You Rank Better in 2019

A new year comes with its new set of goals and challenges and as a business getting on top of SEO rankings is one of those goals you should not take lightly. These tips will help you achieve top Albuquerque SEO ranking.

Here you will find trends that are likely to shape the ranking of pages in 2019. If you keep up with these, you are likely to have positive results on your website and better return on investment.

Mobile First Indexing

This is a trend carrying on from the previous year, but it is going to affect SEO ranking even more in 2019. Google’s bots are going to crawl mainly the mobile version of websites and it will use that to index and rank your content.

Desktops will not be rendered obsolete, but priority will be given to the mobile content over the desktop.

So what does that mean for you? Well if you have not yet updated your website to enable mobile browsing, it should be at the top of your to-do list the moment you finish reading these tips. You can hire the top Albuquerque SEO company to help you out.

High-Quality Content is a Must

In 2019, thanks to an algorithm rolled out by Google, there will be less room for poor quality content. It is time for everyone to ensure that the content they have on their website is trustworthy and has expert verification. This is especially true for content that can affect people’s lives like medical or financial advice. SEO Albuquerque ranking can now be greatly affected by the quality of content on your pages.

Ensure that only the highest quality content gets published on your site so it appears on the first pages in search results.

Provide Featured Snippets

Are you familiar with the spot where the number 1 ranked search result for a particular keyword would appear? Well, that spot is on its way out if not already gone and it has been replaced by the featured snippet. If for example, someone used the keyword Albuquerque SEO, the first result space should have a snippet explaining the keyword and possibly a picture and some questions with answers about that keyword.

This is not something easily achieved as you will first have to ensure that your content ranks top on its own before it can also appear in the snippet. You should also pay attention to answering questions.

Embrace Voice Search

More internet searches are being conducted through voice search, you will need to embrace this new way in which people are searching for information and optimize your site to use voice search.

It is obvious that the main thing you need to do is keep your ears and eyes on changes in technology and move with the flow. 2019 can very well be the year you get the best of Albuquerque SEO.

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