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Is the science of adjusting a website’s code, content and structure to make it visible on a search engine result page for particular keywords or combinations of keywords. The end-goal in any marketing venture is to generate a return on your investment, and SEO is capable of generating very attractive returns by bringing people to your website through search engines!

Introduction to SEO

What is SEO ?

How Search Engines Work ?

How Google Discover Your Site ?


If you want to boost the rankings of your website and push it to the first page of Google, a custom niche relevant PBN is what you need. As you already know links coming from websites that are relevant to your niche are the most effective. That is why, creating niche relevant PBN is one of the most effective SEO strategies used nowadays.

The problem is, finding high quality domains with a clean history, good metrics and that are relevant to your niche can take too much time. Hiding footprints, setting CMS, configuring private DNS settings, outsourcing content, and publishing it, takes a lot of hours of work to do.

A Simple History On Backlinks
A Simple History On Backlinks Backlinks have always had some bearing on how well a site ranked in search engine result pages (SERPs). However, in...

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About Backlinks And Search Engines
About Backlinks And Search Engines With all this talk about Google, you might think it’s the only major search engine around. Actually, there are various...

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Backlink Ideas
It seems like every day someone on the Internet discovers and ingenious way to get a one-way backlink. Sometimes people luck into them by buying...

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Backlinking Do’s And Dont’s
Here are a few additional strategies that might help or hurt your site when planning out your back linking strategy and the reasons why: •...

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Buying Backlinks
There are many different companies out there selling text links. It is a very profitable business for both the publishers and the advertisers. As advertising...

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Elements Of A Quality Backlink
Now, that you understand how a backlink is coded and some of the history behind why the search engine ranking algorithms were changed, you are...

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